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The Cretan Real Estate market is enjoying considerable growth attracting buyers from all over the world thanks to the favourable residency and immigration schemes attached to the purchase of property, as well as to the island’s enviable geographical position, it's excellent climate and the special lifestyle it offers.
Property-Real estate law is a complex law that, in addition to implementing basic law, also requires a broad sense of thinking, flexible handling and unified processing and treatment by combining collective work. We therefore collaborate with other experts, such as leading accounting and financial consulting firms, sales and marketing consultants and agents, insurance companies, engineers and constructors, notaries etc in order to offer integrated teamwork solutions that will satisfy even the most demanding clients by offering maximum benefit.
We are able to handle all issues concerning property and real estate transactions for foreigners in Crete and the rest of Greece, making the best of our long-time and excellent knowledge of the law and its specific provisions, all by investigating connected fields, such as planning and forest law, property tax law and contract Law that consist an integral part of it.

In the field of real estate law, we offer the following services fine-tuned to the needs of private and commercial clients for non-residents of Crete:

•   Advice before the reservation of a real estate

•   Preparation of power of attorney in cooperation with notaries or Embassies

•   Processing of necessary tax actions for our clients in cooperation with our accountants, including taking full responsibility for their tax matters; Preparation and opening of bank accounts, securing online banking and cards

•   Legal research at the land registry for a clear, secure title with no legal faults

•   Building status research in cooperation with engineers and the town planning office for verification of planning requirements and compliance to the rural and urban planning and legalisation laws, as well as the separate provisions of the National Tourism

•   Property forestry clearance at the forestry service

•   Preparation, revision and processing of sale, rental, donation and building contracts and preliminary contracts

•   Clearing up all questions related to ownership

•   Controlling staged insurance payments

•   Protecting clients building properties by appropriate guarantees

•   Correction and establishment in cooperation with notaries of notarial deeds, land division deeds

•   Correction of entries in the property registry and land registry

•   Lawsuits related to real estate issues including claims against developers

•   Consultation and legal actions about requesting and cancelling mortgages

•   Official translations of all documents required in any language in cooperation with our acknowledged partners

•   Assistance for property management

•   Delivery of a full property file

•   Services at Transport Department (i.e. renewal of driving license, vehicle transfer, car deletion after exportation)

Other Services

Corporate – Commercial Law

• We provide a full range of services in the establishment of foreign businesses, private, limited or capital companies in Greece by finalizing and amending Articles of Association. We incorporate off-shore companies or branches for existing foreign companies and legal entities (i.e. foundations)

• We deal with the establishment or dissolution (with or without a court decision) and modification to personal or capital companies, representation in Meetings and drafting of Minutes, increase/reduction of capital and special issues related to them, transformations, redemption, mergers, disintegrations, secessions of companies, control of property assets;

• We provide legal consultation and information regarding the way companies are currently established: “one-stop Services” and the recent Private Capital Company.

Family and Inheritance Law

Our law firm deals with matrimonial issues, divorce and judicial separation before the Greek courts as well as with the cases regarding child custody. We prepare divorces or cohabitation agreements in cooperation with notaries and we are present as lawyers at any divorce procedure by mutual consent. We also register the acts at the local town hall records and the tax office.

We fully take on all inheritance matters for persons or entities. We advise on personal will preparation, assist at public wills and deal with will publications and enrollments of foreign wills at the courts, as well as foreign inheritance contracts. We issue all necessary succession certificates and assist clients on the Greek succession regulations and disputes relating to inheritance issues (attacking a will, declaring a will as inalienable etc). We prepare the real estate inheritance acts and complete the inheritance transfer at the notary public and record it at land registry or Cadastral office.

Immigration Law - Golden Visa

For a minimum investment through real estate and property acquisition or long leasehold of a minimum at €250.000, we can provide you with the most attractive free pass to 26 Schengen countries in Europe, the GOLDEN VISA GREECE. At the same time, you and your family secure the right of permanent stay in its territory as long as you keep the property.

Grasp the opportunity to enjoy Greece’s benefits now by giving us the chance to connect you with our beautiful country.

We fully undertake your case at each Decentralized Office of any Area of Greece.

You only have to choose a property to see the outcome of your investment!


We do not avoid conflicts; we deal and manage them through settlement.

We focus on quick and cost-effective solutions for clients to resolve disputes and improve their communication.

We actively assist clients as neutrals to find real-world solutions acceptable to all parties.

We encourage them to take their time, which is not provided at the court room.

Put your trust in specially accredited mediators, whose goal is to shed light on all aspects of the dispute and direct you towards the best possible solution.

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